Edmond holds first pine car derby on singles weekend

EDMOND–More than 200 Philadelphia Church of God members attended the headquarters congregation’s first pine car derby on Dec. 28, 2019 at the John Amos Field House. Herbert W. Armstrong College students, visiting singles and local families entered 105 cars, and the crowd cheered as the creatively decorated, 5-ounce pine cars sped down a 49-foot aluminum track. Race fans tracked the leader board on a projector screen, listened to announcers Dwight Falk and Grant Turgeon, ate snacks and had their photos taken in an oversized pine car made by Steve Hercus, who helped deacon Stephen Coats organize the event. His wife, Tarah Hercus, came in third with Uncle Duck; Terresa Granados’s placed second with Ride to Jerusalem; and Blue Streak, belonging to one of the Wainwright children, took first, with her father accepting the pine car trophy on her behalf since it was past her bedtime. Youths from the Edmond congregation assisted in setting up and operating the activity, and Mr. Coats said their help was “priceless.”