Brisbane Brethren Celebrate Thanksgiving

AUSTRALIA—More than 80 members of the Brisbane congregation celebrated a Thanksgiving potluck and family dance the evening of November 30. After sunset, members worked together to transform the hall into an autumn-inspired scene, despite the warm summer temperatures and humid climate during this time of year in the southern hemisphere.

Local Elder Callum Wood spoke briefly about the meaningful history of Thanksgiving Day in the United States, reading President Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation.

“Hearing part of Mr. Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation really set the tone for the evening,” member Rachael Grellet said.

The meal included potluck standards along with traditional Thanksgiving fare such as turkey and mashed potatoes. Dessert showcased some of the creative abilities of the congregation, which included a decorative fruit-turkey dessert.

Member Danielle Underwood said that the night was “of a headquarters standard” and said she “really appreciated the effort that everyone put into making the night special.”

During the dance, youths got in some slow-dance and swing-dance practice for Philadelphia Youth Camp, and member Jack Wood gave the congregation a refresher in to an old favorite, the line dance “Bornhoffen Boogie.”

“It was heartwarming to see God’s people expressing their gratitude and having fun together,” said member Roberta Wood. “Everyone went the extra mile to make the evening such a success.”