Ladies switch it up at Turnabout

EDMOND—Over the weekend of November 8-10, Herbert W. Armstrong College students participated in Turnabout, an event where women have the opportunity to ask men for dates. Students planned a number of activities, including art museum visits, baking, basketball watching, bowling, board games, card games, corn hole, dining, heads-up, ice skating, karaoke, painting and ping-pong. One pair of girls asked their dates what 10 of their life goals were, and helped them “achieve” by climbing over a model of Mt. Everest and playing the Game of Life, for example.

“I really appreciate all the effort and hard work that the girls put into planning their turnabout dates,” student Gabe Greaser said. “They do a lot to really make it special. Turnabout weekend is definitely one of the highlights of every year.” Student Zechariah Henderson said, “It’s awesome to see the effort and creativity that all of the ladies put into their dates on Turnabout.” “I enjoy the opportunity to serve the men through dating,” said student Shelley Jones, “and it really does build the relationship with our spiritual brothers.”