Arkansas Picnic and Pie Baking Contest

ARKANSAS - On June 23, 2019, 73 brethren from the Central Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas, and Bartlett, Tennessee congregations met at the beautiful Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas for the annual summer picnic and pie baking contest. Local Church Elder Robert Brown, Preaching Elder Joseph Short, and Pastor Wik Heerma were all present for the event.

The event began with a roaring fire in the grill outside. Scores of hot dogs and hamburgers were piled up over the fire and grilled to perfection. After a blessing on the meal, everyone had a delicious lunch with energetic conversation.

After the meal, attendees spread out across the pavilion and nearby areas for various activities like cornhole, fishing, board games, and horseshoes. Sam Boren said, “Everyone was engaged in activities and fellowship. Very Philadelphian.”

After the games, Associate Pastor Joseph Short announced the 2nd annual pie baking competition was about to commence! The preselected judges tasted numerous pies, and the first place ribbon went to Georgia Zoellner. When asked what she liked most about the picnic, she said “The pie contest was my favorite part. And not because I won, but because I was able to see everyone’s hard work and effort they put into those pies.”

The whole day was forecasted for torrential rains, and God held the storms at bay for the majority of the event. However, toward the end of the event, that forecasted rain began to build on the horizon in a massive wall of dark clouds. Everyone got the message and began to pack their things. Mrs. Shirley Brown said, “The weather didn’t dampen our annual picnic. I felt it brought everyone closer together in wonderful family togetherness and fellowship.” As the sheets of rain rapidly blew in, everyone was on their way home.

All in all, the summer picnic and pie baking contest was a great success!