PYC 2019: 5G Gets a Kick out of Soccer
Gray-clad campers brighten up the soccer field.

“I’m getting a kick out of this! Keep going!” yelled 5G’s punny member, Gillian. The girls of 5G were competing in the pyc 2019 soccer “dribble challenge.” The challenge required the girls to dribble the ball around a series of cones which started in a straight line and gradually spread out, increasing the difficulty and likelihood of losing control of the ball. One by one, the girls attempted the challenge as their dormmates cheered and … turkey gobbled. As they chanted, they called out the nickname of each member. Ali (Alicia), Gillie Bean (Gillian), and Jennifer (Angela [her middle name is not Jennifer; I asked]) were among the most interesting. When, in unison, the girls cried, “Ahhhhh!” I thought that they had seen a butterfly or witnessed some striking scene, but it turned out that even this utterance was in fact a term of endearment for their dormmate, Ava.

Once the girls of both 5G and 3G were on the soccer field, soccer instructor Mr. Granados blew his whistle, and the game began. 3G’s Ariana was the first to attempt a shot, but 5G’s goalie, Talea, blocked it. Ariana tried for another shot. This time, Talea dove for the ball, but Ariana was too quick and slipped passed her, scoring a goal for her dorm.

After the whistle was blown again, 3G regained possession of the ball and tried to make their way toward 5G’s goal, but Sandy put the pressure on 3G and booted the ball down the field. A handball off one of 3G’s players led to a shot off the crossbar by Azariah. She made the goal, catching 5G up to 3G with a score of 1-1.

Once again, after the whistle was blown, 3G obtained possession. They attempted to make a goal on 5G, but Talea jumped on top of the ball, hugging it close, just to make sure it did not sneak into the goal.

Ava booted the ball up to Azariah. A foul by 3G allowed Azariah to make a penalty kick from the corner. Rebekah obtained the ball and passed it to her assistant counselor Cami Eagle, who was subbing for 5G. No more goals were scored in the first half.

Talea, who was no longer in goal, kicked the ball down the field, but 3G’s goalie blocked it before it could go in. 3G maneuvered the ball towards 5G’s goal, but defender Sarah booted it out of 5G’s territory before 3G could score. When the ball once again came precariously close to the goal, 5G’s goalie, Rebekah came out of the net to secure it. She dropped it for a moment but immediately lunged for it and picked it back up. 3G soon regained the ball, however, and scored, bringing the score to 1-2 in 3G’s favor.

After Mr. Granados signaled for the game to resume, midfielder Miss Eagle passed the ball up to forward offenders Gillian and Azariah. Azariah went for the shot, but it barely missed the goal. Miss Eagle returned it to the forwards by booting it from the center of the field. Azariah dribbled the ball past the goalie and scored. The teams were now tied with a score of 2-2.

In an interesting exchange between 5G’s defender, Alicia, and 3G’s forward, Raphaella, the ball was head-butted by Raphaella. Alicia blocked her pass, sending the ball into the air. Once again, Raphaella head-butted the ball, trying to pass it to a fellow dormmate, but Raphaella’s cap proved no match for Alicia’s cleats as Alicia blocked the ball again, passing it to her own teammate.

Due to a “flying goalie” on the other end of the field (this is when a goalie is outside the goalie’s box, not when one suddenly sprouts wings), Azariah was accorded another penalty kick. The ball rolled just outside the post of the goal.

In the last few seconds of the game, 3G managed to transfer the ball onto the side 5G was defending. At the last moment, one of 3G’s players slipped past 5G’s goalie and made the shot, allowing 3G to walk away victorious with a score of 2-3.

Though they lost the game, it had been a close one, and 5G proved their good sportsmanship by joining with 3G in a circle and yelling soccer-themed chants. “La la la la la la la la la la la! Soccer!” the girls sang as Talea and Rebekah were both pushed in the middle for their goalie skills and great attitudes.

In a chant obviously thought of by Gillian, 5g cheered, “We were a perfect match 3G and soccer staff!” and ran toward the field house to prepare for lunch.