PYC 2019: Water Polo with 1G
1G trades traditional orange for blue swim caps

“Hello water polo staff!” 1G saluted as they arrived at the pool. 5G had already arrived, and the staff were finishing last-minute preparations before the first water polo game of pyc 2019.

The staff led the girls in various stretching exercises before directing them to their respective swim caps. 5G was to be in white, and 1G, traditionally clad in fluorescent traffic cone orange, donned royal blue.

Now decked in official gear, the girls lined up on their starting sides with 1G defending the shallow and 5G defending the deep. “Are you ready?” asked water polo instructor Douglas Culpepper. “Yes, sir!” the girls cried, and with a blow of his whistle, Mr. Culpepper launched the ball into the water.

1G obtained first possession, and after accelerating the ball to the other side, Caitlin tried for the first goal, but 5G’s goalie immediately blocked the shot. 5G quickly maneuvered the ball to the other end of the pool where they scored the first point of the game, giving them the lead.

1G soon caught up, however, as Leah hurled the ball into the net, scoring 1G’s first point.

Nicole of 1G blocked a pass from 5G’s Ava, but the girls of 5G quickly regained possession and scored another goal, bringing the score to 2-1 in 5G’s favor.

The game resumed after a brief break in which assistant water polo instructor Callie Cocomise gave a few tips to 1G. In an impressive demonstration of communication, passing, and teamwork, Lizzie, who was in the shallow end, passed the ball to Leah who deftly passed it to Vanessa. Vanessa tossed the ball to Caitlin who quickly transferred it back to Vanessa who dribbled it up the pool for a few strokes before giving it to Leah. Leah tried for the goal and made the shot, once again tying the score.

Possession of the ball switched back and forth between the dorms, but no more goals were made in the first quarter. The second quarter began much as the first ended, with the ball being transferred between the teams until 1G’s Vanessa intercepted a ball thrown to 5G. She dribbled the ball towards 5G’s goal (which was now in the shallow end) and passed it to Taniyah. Taniyah threw the ball into the net and scored, giving 1G the lead of 3-2.

Blue-capped 1G maintained possession for a while before 5G finally regained the ball. Their reign was short lived, however, as Leah intercepted the desired yellow sphere. It was passed to Jeanette who lunged towards the goal and scored the next point for 1G. This ended the first half.

As Mr. Culpepper once again threw the ball into the pool, both dorms swam towards it. 1G’s Tayler reached it first and tried for a shot. The ball was deflected and landed with a plop into the middle of the pool. All was still for a fraction of a second. Then 10 eager campers closed in on the unfortunate yellow object like a flock of hungry seagulls. Ava of 1G obtained possession and threw a long pass to forward offender, Leah. Leah took the shot and scored another goal for her dorm. 1G’s Nicole proved her endurance in the deep end. Not even a fallen swim cap could phase her as she dribbled the ball toward the goal. The whistle blew, and the third quarter ended.

After reconvening with their dorms, the girls jumped back into the game. One of the girls from 5G took a shot, but 1G’s goalie, Tayler, punched the ball out of the air. Both Vanessa and Caitlin made many attempts to score, but 5G’s goalie, Alicia, expertly deflected them.

In the end, 1G held the victory with a score of 5-2. The girls lined up on the edge of the pool to cheer and scream. A brood of ducklings floated by on the nearby Seven-Acre Lake, eliciting cries of, “Aww!” before Ava of 5G and Nicole of 1G were pushed into the pool and handed tickets for their outstanding effort. After changing back into their traditional orange garb, 1G, in duckling-like formation, lined up behind their counselor and waddled off to lunch.