So You Want to go to PYC?
How to prepare for Philadelphia Youth Camp

EDMOND—Are you a teenager interested in attending Philadelphia Youth Camp in the United States? If you’re interested, here are some tips to consider in preparation for your camp experience. Registration is open for campers and volunteer workers until March 1.


All campers participate in the choir for special music during services, usually the last Sabbath of camp. You will receive the music after you’re accepted, which you can print and put in a folder to bring to camp. A recording will also be available for you to listen to. Familiarizing yourself with the music before arriving at camp will help you enjoy the choir experience more and give a better musical offering.


Camp includes two fun Saturday-night dances. The next time your congregation holds a family dance, try it out. Someone who has been to camp before can show you some of the basics. But if you don’t have the opportunity, don’t worry, when you get to camp, you will have the chance to attend dance classes that teach you the basics from scratch. Many a teen who has never danced in his or her life has learned to have fun at dance class.

Etiquette Night

Etiquette night will give you opportunity to swap your shorts and camp shirt for nicer clothing and a nicer meal. You can learn about the basic skills taught at etiquette night in the Leadership and Womanhood manuals available to campers online ahead of camp. Practice these guidelines at home, raise your standard of conduct and conversation, and be well-prepared for Etiquette Night!

Hymn Sings

Camp includes three Sabbath-morning hymn sings. A number of male campers receive the opportunity to song lead during the hymn sings. To familiarize yourself with song leading ahead of time, you can visit this website. You will also receive song leading instruction at camp.


All campers give icebreaker speeches (under 3 minutes in length) and a longer speech about a topic of their choice (under 6 minutes). This might seem intimidating, but it’s easier than you think. Especially if you begin writing your speeches before coming to camp. During camp, you’ll receive instruction at speech class and have a little time to work on your speech, but you’ll have an easier time, and give better speeches to your fellow campers, if you have worked on your speech before you arrive. Definitely try to choose your topic ahead of time, and try to make it as relatable to others as you can. Consider giving a “lesson learned” speech from a humorous story or a historical event, or an inform speech on a subject you like.


Camp consists largely of playing sports. You will receive a few instructional classes to get you ready for each sport, but the more you can get outside and perhaps even practice certain sports or skills, the better you will do and the more you will develop. Ride a bike, swim a little, play catch with your brother, kick soccer goals in the front yard, or even join a track team or a basketball team. The more you do, the more fun you’ll have at camp.

Stick Night

Stick Night comes after the first day of activities. Each worker and camper introduces himself or herself, with their name, age, where they are from, and a goal or two for camp. This isn’t too big of a challenge, but it helps for you to think of what your goals are for camp ahead of time. Talk about what your goals should be with your parents or your minister. Then you’ll be ready not only to share your goals on stick night, but to achieve them.

Camp is going to be a great experience. If you prepare for it, it will be even better.

Campers and volunteer workers can register until March 1.

List of PYC Activities:

  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Bible Class
  • Canoeing Choir
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Flag Football/Boys
  • Leadership Class
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Speech
  • Swimming/Water Polo
  • Track
  • Volleyball/Girls
  • Womanhood
  • All camper special event
  • Bible games
  • Bible Pictionary/charade
  • Etiquette night
  • Faculty home visits
  • Hymn sing
  • Off-campus activity
  • Open sports
  • Saturday-night dances
  • Stick night
  • Teen talent contest showcase
  • Track meet
  • Wacky water games
  • Work party