Provide Education Opportunities Tours Armstrong Auditorium

EDMOND—Twenty members from the local chapter of P.E.O. International, an organization that raises money to provide college scholarships for women, toured Armstrong Auditorium today.

Several members of the group had attended Armstrong International Cultural Concerts at the building and had arranged for the group to receive a tour with foundation public relations director Shane Granger.

Granger described the finishes used in the building and the functions it hosts, as well as explaining the cultural foundation, Herbert W. Armstrong College and the Philadelphia Church of God. The scheduled half-hour tour extended to an hour as Provide Education Opportunities members asked questions about the college and its namesake, Herbert W. Armstrong.

Following the tour and a group photo, members of the group used one of the basement rooms in the auditorium to hold their chapter meeting.

“It is a great opportunity for us to welcome people into the auditorium,” Granger said, “where they can spend some quality time there, and we can answer their questions about the organization.”