Armstrong College Holds 17th Thanksgiving Ball

EDMOND—Approximately 100 Herbert W. Armstrong College students and faculty attended the 17th annual Thanksgiving Ball on November 18.

The senior class, led by George Haddad and Amber Eagle and assisted by the freshmen, organized the event. The team began searching for ideas months prior to the event and began preparing in earnest about two weeks ahead of time, working around midterm examinations and term paper deadlines. For the several days leading up to the event, Haddad and Eagle, along with their crew, spent nearly 16 hours cooking and setting up decorations. One of the “highlights” of the room were autumn leaves decorations connected to lines of twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling.

Haddad brought attention to a miraculous detail while preparing for the ball: When shopping for decorations, almost every item they planned on purchasing was found in the clearance section, reducing the cost of the event.

The evening included a Thanksgiving buffet dinner and dessert line, dancing, conversation, and taking photos.

“It helped a lot to have a lot of good help,” said Eagle. “It was rewarding to see everyone having a good time and enjoying the festive atmosphere.”

“It was a great opportunity to plan another formal event,” said Haddad, “providing a royal setting for faculty and students to enjoy food, fellowship and dancing. It is also great to see how the whole student body comes together to set up as well as take down because the next day is just another normal day after a night of hustle and bustle.”