Imperial Academy Elementary School Visits Alpaca Farm on Field Trip

EDMOND—The entire elementary school visited a local alpaca ranch near Edmond on September 12. Teachers Anita Burks and Corinne Eagle with 21 students attended. The ranch is run by a retired couple, “Mr. John” and “Miss Janice,” who really seem to love educating children. The visit included learning about alpacas, viewing and petting them, and taking pictures with an alpaca.

The visit also included a hay ride and a tour of the gift shop. In the gift shop, Miss Janice demonstrated carding as well as spinning alpaca fiber, and each student got a chance at the spinning wheel. The visit ended with a picnic lunch on the grounds. The children seemed to genuinely enjoy visiting with the couple during lunch, and the feeling seemed mutual. Mr. John and Miss Janice both sincerely complimented the behavior of the students. Because the weather was exceptionally pleasant, the field trip ended with a brief visit to a local park before heading back to school.