‘Post-Feast Letdown’

For some of God’s people, the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day may be the only time that they are able to get away from home for any extended length of time. This can lead to actually viewing the Feast as a vacation. If you have kept the Feast with this perspective, you know what you experienced when you returned home: “post-Feast letdown.”

The reason for the letdown is that you have used God’s festival as a time focused on self-enjoyment. God does command you to rejoice at the Feast and specifically commands second tithe to facilitate physical rejoicing. But spending His annual feast days in self-indulgence, cramming in as much physical pleasure as possible, will make for neither a good Feast nor a good vacation. You will suffer a letdown in both scenarios.

The way to experience a post-Feast turbo-charge instead of a post-Feast letdown is to use the physical blessings the way God intended: to free you to focus on glorying in and rejoicing in the spiritual blessings!