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Amazon Smile Program Presents New Fundraising Opportunity
Online shopping website donates portion of purchase price to PCG

EDMOND—Shoppers who use the amazon.com retail website can have the company donate a part of its profit to the Philadelphia Church of God. The Smile.Amazon.com section of the site enables shoppers to donate 0.5 percent of their purchase price to a charity organization of their choice. This process does not increase the prices charged to the shopper. Here is how to sign up.

  • Type smile.amazon.com into your web browser
  • Log in using your regular Amazon username and password
  • In the search bar at the bottom right corner, type “Philadelphia Church of God Inc.”
  • Many organizations have similar names. Select the organization with Edmond, Oklahoma, as its location.
  • On the right-hand side, click the yellow Select button
  • On the next screen, click the Yes checkbox to agree that you must log into Smile.Amazon.com rather than Amazon.com in order to donate
  • Click the yellow Start Shopping button
  • Continue shopping as normal

If you use Smile.Amazon.com to buy a $100 item, it will cost you the same amount as if you had purchased it on Amazon.com. However, Amazon will donate 50 cents to the PCG. This is a small percentage, so it does not make sense to go out of your way to shop on Amazon or to pay more for items than you would on other retail websites like Walmart.com, Ebay.com, or Jet.com, or at your local stores. If another store has the same item for less, it would make more sense to buy the item at the lowest price and put a dollar or two aside to add to your next PCG contribution, rather than buying more expensive items at Smile.Amazon.com.

However, if you do use Amazon.com and it does offer you the best price and value on a given item, you can help the PCG by switching from Amazon.com to Smile.Amazon.com as described above. Some PCG members have already begun using the Smile.Amazon.com site and have generated more than $2,000 since we began using this program in early 2017. Within that same time frame, Smile.Amazon.com has given away more than $89 million to charities.

You may have previously heard about the PCG being available as a beneficiary on Smile.Amazon.com. The Church delayed announcing this fundraising option because it was labeled as “Protestant.” The administration has now corrected this detail.

Referring to the four Smile.Amazon.com donations the PCG receives each year, comptroller Jason Hensley said, “It is exciting to get that notification once a quarter. With a few clicks, people can make a big difference.”