Students, Faculty, Guests Share Swan Social

EDMOND—Nearly 50 Herbert W. Armstrong students, faculty and guests shared a dessert social on June 15 at the Swans in Flight sculpture near Armstrong Auditorium.

After Preaching Elder Ryan Malone’s Bible study, on the Sons of Zadok, dean of students Wayne Turgeon and assistant dean of students Eric Burns, as well as their wives, joined about 45 students and a few alumni.

Some stood, others sat on the auditorium stairs or edge of the Swans in Flight reflecting pool, taking the opportunity to spend time with people they do not typically see during the week due to different work schedules. Mr. Turgeon and Mr. Burns moved around to different clusters of students as the night progressed, and Mr. Turgeon conversed with every group.

“After the powerful Bible study from Mr. Malone, it was really nice to get out there and gather with everybody and fellowship for a while, while we enjoyed the ice cream sandwiches and the brownies,” said incoming sophomore Parker Campbell.

Incoming senior George Haddad, who organized the activity, said, “Although it’s at the end of the week, after Bible Study, despite their tiredness, people really enjoyed it.”

“Summer is still a very busy time here, so it’s nice to have the time to all be together and relax,” said Haddad.

Daniel Cocomise, an incoming sophomore, said, “Everyone has very busy and hectic schedules, and you don’t get to keep up with everyone. But just having these opportunities to be able to get together, especially on a Sabbath, just a time to be in unity and thinking spiritually, and it was just such a blessing.”