Just a Few Amazing Blessings From Fearing God
A short meditation on Psalm 25:12-14

Do you fear God? Most people do not. Rather than approaching God with humility and reverence, they create a god in their own image, or they demand that God approach them on their own terms. In doing so, they cut themselves off from untold blessings.

Honest, sincere recognition of God’s greatness, His magnificence, His perfection, gives you marvelous perspective. It produces modesty and meekness that protects you from sins of arrogance and vanity. It makes you attentive to God. And it turns God’s attention toward you in a special way. Proper fear of God opens a treasure trove of spiritual and even physical riches in your life.

A short passage in Psalm 25 expounds on just a few of the blessings God guarantees to the person who fears Him.

“What man is he that feareth the Lord?” verse 12 asks. It then makes some beautiful promises to that man.

“Him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose,” the verse concludes. God is going to give instruction to that man in the right way. He will help that man on his journey through life. He will provide direction and point out where to go, guiding him in the right course, leading him in the proper road.

What a blessing to have a guide in life! We all can use such help as life presents problems, poses questions, leads to forks in the road. How marvelous to have such guidance on offer from the great God of the universe!

It is only to the one who fears Him that God provides such direction. The one who does not is not open to what guidance God gives, and so God does not offer it. To receive it, one must demonstrate deep respect for what God has to say.

The man who fears God and is receptive to God’s counsel receives tangible benefits. “He himself shall dwell in prosperity, and his descendants shall inherit the earth” (verse 13; New King James Version). This man’s nephesh— his physical body—will enjoy good. It will experience pleasure, goodness, riches, happiness, welfare, prosperity, bounty. His children will also benefit materially, both in this life and in the future.

God delights in His communion with the individual who approaches Him with a humble, reverent attitude. Like any teacher who has an attentive, interested, sensitive student, God loves to share His truth and goodness with the one who seeks Him out. Such an attitude enkindles God’s greatest generosity toward that person.

“The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant” (verse 14). The word translated secret is quite beautiful. It denotes familiar conversation, secret counsel, or intimacy within a circle of close friends. It literally refers to a couch or cushion on which people recline.

This verse paints a picture of God sitting down on the couch in close, familiar conversation with those who fear Him, sharing something special with them.

It specifically says He shows these people His “covenant”—the agreement He has made with men. He is focusing on the promises He has made, the alliance He has created with those He has invited to be in His Family forever.

Do you want to share such affectionate communion with God? Then approach Him with an attitude of reverence and humility.

This is only one short passage among dozens expounding on the benefits that accrue to the person who seeks God with that proper attitude. Fear God, and you open the door for God to fill your life with wonderful blessings!