Study Nutrition Today—to Teach It Tomorrow!
Nutrition with vision.

It is exciting to think about what the world will look like when people everywhere are enjoying robust physical health thanks to good food and right nutrition!

Today, there is so much confusion, and people’s health is suffering because of it. This is going to have to change dramatically.

Today, far too many people view good health and good nutrition as two completely unconnected things. Perhaps the most remarkable example of this is in the medical community.

Gary Null wrote in Nutrition and the Mind: “If you go back 100 years we had no treatment except nutritional treatment. For 2,000 years the best doctors in the world always emphasized good nutrition, but over the past hundred years, nutrition suddenly disappeared from medicine.”

This is a profession supposedly meant to promote health! Yet Null says that of the 130 medical schools in America, only 24—18 percent!—require the future doctors who study there to take courses in nutrition. “By omitting the subject of nutrition, 80 percent of America’s medical schools are not only perpetuating a nutritional ‘knowledge vacuum,’ they are sending out a negative message about the importance of nutrition in health, as well,” Null wrote.

When the World Tomorrow begins, we certainly won’t be able to rely on the doctors of today to teach the world how to eat!

With doctors so ignorant about nutrition, no wonder the general public is ignorant as well. Null writes that a survey by the National Cancer Institute shows that most Americans have poor eating habits, “despite strong evidence that diet can reverse the course of some forms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and learning disorders—to name a few. Asked by nci what they had eaten in the last 24 hours, more than 40 percent of the respondents said they had not had even one piece of fruit, and about 20 percent said they had not eaten even one vegetable … more than 40 percent had eaten at least one serving of luncheon meat or bacon that day [both of which have cancer-causing nitrates in them]” (Foods That Heal).

Among people who do value nutrition, there is a lot of valuable knowledge about nutrition and health that can be used. Too often, however, right knowledge is mixed up with wrong knowledge.

In tomorrow’s world, God’s loyal people—those holding fast to the foundational truths Mr. Armstrong taught years ago, which he based on the Bible—will have the opportunity to help set things right.

Helping Elijah

Mr. Armstrong valued good health and good nutrition. And God saw to it that the three colleges He set up through Mr. Armstrong had multiple courses in nutrition.

In “The Mantle of Elijah,” Gerald Flurry wrote, “Elijah established colleges in Gilgal, Bethel and Jericho (2 Kings 2:1-5). Mr. Armstrong taught that the original Elijah will lead the educational system in the World Tomorrow. Then John the Baptist will work under him, and Mr. Armstrong, who taught so much about true education [including nutrition and health] will work under John. The Philadelphia Church will work under Mr. Armstrong. We’ll be teaching the world very soon” (Royal Vision, July-August 2003).

In the World Tomorrow, we will be working under Mr. Armstrong. And just like Mr. Armstrong taught us about nutrition and health, we will teach those under us what we were taught. We need to be educated in the same principles of health and nutrition that God established through him. We need to value nutrition and good health like he did.

At that time, what we are learning now will no longer apply to us—we will be spirit beings! But we will need this knowledge to teach our spiritual children! We will teach and enforce those laws—both spiritual and physical—right up to the time they themselves transform into spirit beings.

We will reeducate them on what food is good and what food is bad, and reprogram their taste buds on what tastes good and what tastes bad.

They will reap the benefits of eating foods that have been grown out of fertile soil. They will enjoy energy and vigor. They will finally know what it means to feel good. With the fresh air, the clean water, the fertile ground, the clean, fresh, whole foods and simple diets, they will truly feel good.

And we will be the ones who will have taught them the way!