Oregon Singles Participate in Outreach
Singles share fellowship at Mt. Hood National Forest

OREGON—Thirteen singles and three other Philadelphia Church of God members of the Portland congregation rose early on the Sabbath morning of July 15 to participate in a singles outreach to Redmond.

As the group drove its way through the Mt. Hood National Forest, members took in the gorgeous natural environment around them and gazed at the lone mountain peak standing high above. Arriving in Redmond, the singles were met by the local congregation before services and heard a sermon by Local Church Elder Darren Verbout, in which he highlighted the anniversary of spiritual rain again pouring into the Church in 1989, when Malachi’s Message was first read by an unbaptized young single. Mr. Verbout also discussed Pastor General Gerald Flurry’s personal appearance campaign in Chicago and surveyed Ephesians 4 and its relation to being a single in God’s Church.

After services the singles witnessed one of their own, Michael Humphrey Jr., being baptized into the Body of Christ. Herbert W. Armstrong College Freshman Sarah Bruce said the experience was the most memorable part of the weekend, saying, “It really tied in with the Sabbath message of loving our history and realizing that this Church of God, our family, truly is our identity.”

After the baptism, singles took in the beauty of creation by going for a walk and later enjoyed tacos and games after sunset. The following day, many of the singles enjoyed a day out on the lake, including several hours of picknicking, boating, tubing and waterskiing with the local congregation.