Students and Alumni Clean Up Senior’s Yard
Philadelphia Club members assist a local senior with landscaping.

EDMOND—One Herbert W. Armstrong College graduate and four students assisted Guthrie senior Willie Coats with yardwork on March 26. Alumnus Daryle Hochstetler, seniors Kaleb Robson and Emmanuel Michels, sophomore David Warner and junior Josué Michels contributed to the Philadelphia Club outreach project, trimming, removing and planting trees and bushes, as well as gathering firewood.

Mr. Coats took the group to a local restaurant for snacks afterward and requested that an article be written, saying, “I want members around the world to see that the students here do not only read books, study and take tests, but I want them to see that they also live it and help those like me that need their help.”

Warner said, “Working in Mr. Coat’s yard was a great opportunity to help a friend in need. Planting trees and clearing out branches is the least that we can do for a man who gives so much positivity to the local congregation.”