Arizona Congregations Hold End-of-Year Ladies Gala
Club provides cool oasis amid hot temperatures.

ARIZONA—More than 30 members of the Philadelphia Church of God’s Scottsdale Spokesman Club, including guests and Regional Director Brian Davis and his wife, came for the club’s end-of-year gala on June 5 at the Tonto Verde Clubhouse in the Acacia Ballroom.

“I thought it was a lovely, serene setting for a ladies club event,” member Candice Alvord said.

On one of the hottest days of the year at 113 degrees Fahrenheit, the Tonto Verde proved to be an oasis in the dry desert. Under the event’s theme of “Masculinity,” Toastmaster Steven Irwin presented a wide range of questions from “How do you handle carrying your wife’s purse?” to “Why did Christ turn the tables on the money changers in the temple?” The questions brought many guests to their feet in response and added an element of humor to the occasion.

“The topics were great. They made me laugh and made me think,” member Sarah Clayton said. “I was most impressed with the how the men answered the questions; you can see how club works in preparing men.”

In the closing remarks, Mr. Davis admonished members to remember, prove, know and act on the knowledge that has been given to them from God.