Johannesburg Singles Experience African Wild Animals
Group interacts with lions, meerkats and hyenas.

SOUTH AFRICA—Eleven members from the Philadelphia Church of God entered the gates of Johannesburg’s Lion Park on January 17 to interact with lions and other common African wildlife. Singles pet lion cubs, watched playful meerkats, and fed giraffes and ostriches.

Paula Githembe, who joined the singles with her family, also saw the lion cubs. “The cubs were scary, but soon it will be my pet!” Paula (age 5) said, referring to Bible verses about wild animals becoming tame in the future.

In the main tour, singles took a short safari through the lion enclosures. The tour guide identified animals including hyenas to wild dogs and provided facts on each species.

“It was great!” visiting Australia member Steven Wiggins said. “I was up close and personal with one of the most powerful animals in nature—soon to be tamed.”