Northeast Congregations Combine for Family Weekend
PCG members share ‘espirit de corps.’

IOWA—One hundred and twenty-seven members from six congregations of the Northeast region of the Philadelphia Church of God combined for a family winter weekend from January 30 to 31 in Brooklyn.

Sabbath services began with part two of Pastor General Gerald Flurry’s message on “Archeology and Our Dual Commission,” originally delivered at the 2016 Ministerial Conference. Members said that the lecture set a tone of anticipation and excitement throughout the weekend.

“The spiritual food was amazing,” Wisconsin member Charles Orleans said. “When you digest what Mr. Flurry was saying, you want to put your running shoes on.”

After lunch, Associate Pastor Eric Anderson and Pastor Cal Culpepper delivered a split Bible study. Mr. Anderson implored members to properly increase joy in their lives, families and congregations this year as conditions in the world intensify. Mr. Culpepper spoke on the necessity to build a strong spiritual wall around our lives by digging deeper into Malachi’s Message.

“The highlights for me were the wonderful, inspired messages from the Pastor General and our pastor and associate pastor as well as the outstanding fellowship and food,” Minnesota Deacon Robert Lilleboe said. “The unity, cooperation and esprit de corps were exceptional.”

An evening family fun show was crammed with eclectic acts, talents and ages. Members and children put on 19 performances, playing instruments, singing songs, reading poems, and acting out skits.

“The way the whole entertainment night was put together and the quality of the performances was stunning,” said visiting member Desiree Reed.

After brunch the next day, participants do-si-doed, promenaded two-by-two, laughed and conversed in a family square dance.

“What stood out was how unified it was with all six congregations working together, having fun, from the youngest to the oldest,” Mr. Anderson’s wife, Julie, said. “There was a true family spirit.”

“The whole thing in a nutshell was about making memories,” St. Louis member Mark Zollner said. “Everyone took their job and ran with it to make an exceptional weekend, and if you missed it, you missed something big.”