Northeasterners Hold Third Annual Winter Weekend
Activities included a chili cook-off, square dancing, pine car racing and more.

PENNSLYVANIA—Philadelphia Church of God members from the Northeast region convened for the third annual South Mountain winter weekend in Shillington from February 13 to 14.

Sabbath services, held in a lodge-like room with a blazing fireplace, included a sermon by Regional Director Cal Culpepper on spiritual growth being paramount in God’s mind. Preaching Elder Greg Nice gave a Bible study about Malachi’s Message and Mystery of the Ages.

Weekend festivities began with a chili cook-off, won by member Anthony Kranwinkel. He said his key ingredient was cilantro.

Next, members hit the dance floor for a line dance, the Macarena and a Virginia reel, with a live square-dancing emcee in traditional garb.

“Square dancing brought joy even to those watching,” said member Lucie Visconti. “It brought everyone to a time when people of every age had fun together.”

The next morning, pine car engines revved for a pine car derby. The most creative design for teens went to Sarah Woods whose car, “Music to My Gears,” was an upright piano with a lounging Siamese cat atop. The speed competition winners were “Tow Mater 2.0” by 3-year-old Ezra Vejil (children’s category), “Sugar” by Elias Rosario (teen category) and “18 Restored Truths” by member Bryan Aspito (adult category).

In the chess tournament, Local Elder Victor Vejil walked off with the first place trophy: an ebony-colored knights head.

Member Colin Schultz said the activity was “a chance to receive spiritual level education [and] a weekend of building relationships and bonding that we can look forward to expanding indefinitely!”

As members drove away, they passed a camp sign reading: “Drive Carefully: Future World Leaders at Play.”