Boing Boing: Armstrong College Students Play Bubble Soccer
Students see the ball, be the ball

EDMOND—After finishing term papers and sharing a turnabout weekend, Herbert W. Armstrong College students got together at the campus soccer field for a new and humorous activity: bubble soccer.

The first 10 students wiggled themselves into huge inflatable plastic orbs, fixing their arms and hands in place until only their legs stuck out the bottom. Five blue bubbles and five red bubbles wobbled to their feet and faced off against each other in the first match of the evening.

The object of the game was to run into opposing bubbles and knock them down—resulting in the hilarious sight of students bounding off each other and rolling around helplessly—and also to score goals.

The whistle was blown, and all the 5-foot bubble balls ran at each other in a head-on collision course, converging on the comparatively tiny soccer ball. The resulting impacts bounded the air cocoons—and the players inside—off of each other in a cartoonish spectacle that left the students on the sidelines laughing out loud.

As the students took turns playing, the soccer ball was often ignored and players instead spent the game bumping into one another like so many pinballs. Players found the sport was just as exhausting as a regular game of intramural soccer, and the increasing amount of sweat while inside a plastic orb reduced visibility, resulting in further funny collisions. Watch this video for all the exciting goofy sports action.