Edmond Congregation Reaches Out to Ponca City
Members commute for conversation with neighboring congregation

EDMOND—Twelve members of the Edmond congregation drove approximately 90 minutes to Ponca City, Oklahoma, on Dec. 12, 2015, for an outreach and special Sabbath service.

“Some brethren drive one and a half hours or more to services every week,” alumna Sarah Icasiano (’12) said. “It’s easy to get spoiled driving a few minutes or walking to services.”

“Outreaches allow the family to grow stronger and stay connected with each other,” junior Jennifer Schlote said, adding that members in the field contribute to Armstrong students’ education, and outreaches help remind the students of how grateful they should be.

After services, the congregation and students snacked and talked together. That evening, the group shared laughs and bonded over dinner and board games before the Edmond members and students returned south.