Armstrong Seniors and Freshmen Get To Know Each Other
Special event pairs college’s eldest and youngest.

EDMOND—On November 8, Herbert W. Armstrong College seniors hosted the freshmen for a social event at the John Amos Field House aimed at getting to know the new students better over games, hot chocolate and s’mores.

The original venue, the island in Seven-Acre Lake was scratched due to inclement weather, so the group of the college’s 18 freshmen and 11 seniors moved into the dining hall. Benches were replaced with chairs and the bonfire was replaced with a projection of a fireplace. Hot chocolate and s’mores were not replaced.

The group played team games that paired seniors with freshmen and men with women and saw the students working together to dive for a prize (a humble water bottle) or hinting, humming or acting out in order to get their teammates to shout out the animal, song or movement indicated in the clue.

After the games, bonfire or no bonfire, the students indulged in treats and imagined or pretended to be shivering from the rainy and cold weather outside the warmth of the field house.

As the confections made of graham crackers, chocolate bars and rare kosher marshmallows disappeared, circles of students chatted about senior-to-freshman advice, interesting acquaintances made during the Feast of Tabernacles, lessons learned at college, and blessings for which they are thankful.