Teen Talent Contest 2015 Winners
The winners of this year’s contest were announced on July 27 during the Philadelphia Youth Camp awards night.

Performing Arts

Ages 13-15

1st: Seth Malone—“Concerto in A Minor” by Camille Saint-Saens

2nd: Chrissie Dattolo—“Sonatina in A Major” by F. Kuhlau

3rd: Vienna Flurry—“Concerto in A Minor” by J.B. Accolay

Ages 16-19

1st: Alexa Turgeon—“Waltz in A-Flat Major” by Frederic Chopin

2nd: Jessica Brandon—“Juliet’s Waltz” by Charles Gounad

3rd: Callie Cocomise—“Nocturne in C Minor” by Frederic Chopin


1st: Jude Flurry—“Four Masters”

2nd: Jordan Saranga—“The Vanishing Lake”

3rd: Alexa Turgeon—“Slip Jig”

Graphic Arts

Ages 13-15

1st: Olivia Alvord—“ACS Logo”

2nd: Lauren Fraser—“Bethany Hamilton”

Ages 16-19

1st: Reagan Anderson—“Double Vision”

2nd: Julia Goddard—“Crane”

3rd: Gavin Fraser—“Meadows Snowboarding”


Ages 13-15

1st: Zoe Hilliker—“My Short Career as a Stunt Man”

2nd: Jordan Saranga—“News Flash: Directions are Useful”

3rd: Ashlynn McLain—“A Book, an Adventure”

Ages 16-19

1st: Jessica Brandon—“A Lesson from My Life”

2nd: Alexa Turgeon—“Narrow it Down”

3rd: Aebra Hayes—“The Never-Ending Stack”


Ages 13-15

1st: Melchiah Smythe—“In Thought”

2nd: Olivia Alvord—“Not Cliché”

Honorable Mention: Erica Anderson—“War Horse”

Honorable Mention: Lauren Fraser—“Puppy Eyes”

Honorable Mention: Lauren Fraser—“Portland Gas and Coke Company”

Ages 16-19

1st: Julia Goddard—“Sharpened”

2nd: Reagan Anderson—“Peaceful Outlook”

3rd: Julia Goddard—“Color”

Honorable Mention: Sarah Sliger—“Purple Beauty”

Honorable Mention: Samantha Robson (title not available)


Ages 13-15

1st: Tony McKee—“Husky”

2nd: Jay Goodearl—“Self Portrait”

3rd: Jordan Saranga—“Golden Miura”

Honorable Mention: David Watts—“Hot Air Balloons”

Ages 16-19

1st: Jessica Brandon—“Thoughtful”

2nd: Julia Goddard—“Tornado Day”

3rd: Julia Goddard—“Captain America”

Honorable Mention: Jessica Brandon—“Determined”