Keep Your Eyes On the Goal
The fact is, the real formula for success is to know and apply the seven laws of success.

Some time ago, I read in the Oklahoman newspaper: “Success formula hasn’t changed.”

That headline caught my eye, and I began to read this promising article. The content was quite interesting, yet when reaching the conclusion of the article, my mind went to the seven laws of success. As the author stated, “We all have to start somewhere. The formula for success hasn’t changed all that much over the generations. You make good choices. You take risks. You seek out opportunities. You work hard and sacrifice, and never give up. And maybe, one day, you arrive where you want to be.

“You may not be able to dictate how and when it happens. But, in this country of unlimited opportunity, whether it happens at all is still largely up to you.

“That also is the American way” (Jan. 21, 2007).

Is the American way—or for that matter, the British, Canadian, Australian, etc.—the way?

The fact is, the real formula for success is to know and apply the seven laws of success. That is the formula—how many of us use that formula today and every day? We have it. God showed us, through His apostle, those seven laws in detail.

Herbert W. Armstrong’s autobiography is full of examples, along with his booklet The Seven Laws of Success.

This is the formula we will teach the world. I pose the questions: How well do we know them? How do we apply them? How important are they?

Mr. Armstrong wrote in the Plain Truth, January 1962, “I have written of the seven laws of SUCCESS. They are really the seven laws of life. They are the seven laws of religion. Yet most people do not know, or practice or apply, a single one of them.”

In a sermon he gave on July 30, 1983, Mr. Armstrong stated, “[L]et’s get back to the principles now. If you have the Holy Spirit and you have a purpose in life and the laws of success. First you have the Holy Spirit. Now you have to have the laws of success if you’re going to become God. And it starts with your repentance, baptism and receiving of the Spirit of God. Now the Spirit of God in you puts within you the mind of God, the life of God, begotten into you” (emphasis added).

Note that statement, “Now you have to have the laws of success if you’re going to become God.” This certainly tells us how important these laws really are!

Do we apply these laws? Do we teach them to our children?

As Mr. Armstrong said, they are the seven laws of life, the seven laws of religion. How many of us can quote those laws in order—even out of order?

These are the real formula to success with God! For us the goal is fixed, however—unless God’s own character is being formed and developed in your mind and life, replacing the human nature that is there now, you shall have missed your goal.

In the Plain Truth of August 1981, Mr. Armstrong stated, “This kind of Christian life—the only kind that truly is Christian—requires, as the Bible emphasizes repeatedly, zealous diligence. You must concentrate on it. You must be dedicated to it. It requires utter consecration. It requires total earnestness.

“It requires, in addition, the application of the other six laws of success—education, in which the Bible is the main textbook; good physical health; drive, or concentrated diligence and effort; resourcefulness; sticking to it—enduring; and continual contact with, and the guidance, help and power of God.

“Remember what a glorious goal we have before us! Make it your supreme overall life vocation, and work hard at it!”

Brethren, for absolute certain, that is not the “American way” as the journalist wrote. Religion is your connection with God—your relationship with Him. Religion is realizing the purpose of your life. The feast of Pentecost is a wonderful reminder of the fact that upon true repentance, baptism and the receiving of the Spirit of God, we now have divine energy. The Spirit of God is divine energy. It’s a different kind of energy; it is the energy that will advise you if you use it. It is the energy that comes from keeping daily the seventh law of success that in turn will embrace the other six laws toward that goal of the Kingdom of God.

With the Spirit of God, we have a true goal, a real purpose in life: to become a child of God, born of God—really, to become God.

Brethren, the true successful formula hasn’t changed, and truly, the choices are ours. Ensure we:

1. Set the right goal.

2. Seek godly education.

3. Desire physical and spiritual health.

4. Drive ourselves daily.

5. Use resourcefulness.

6. Apply perseverance.

7. Exercise daily that vital and most important seventh law: the guidance, contact, power and Spirit of God.

As the last hour ticks away, that goal must be developing for all of us. We have the seven laws to ensure we do keep our eyes on the true goal. Think on these laws daily!