PYC 2015: A Look Back
Campers kept their “Eyes on the Prize” from July 8-28.

EDMOND—Philadelphia Youth Camp 2015 has ended, but the memories live on right here in picture form.

Teen Talent Contest Winners

Performance Art

Category 1

  • 1st: Seth Malone “Concerto in A minor” by Camille Saint-Saens
  • 2nd: Chrissie Dattolo “Sonatina in A major” by F. Kuhlau
  • 3rd: Vienna Flurry “Concerto in A minor” by J.B. Accolay

Category 2

  • 1st: Alexa Turgeon “Waltz in A-Flat Major” by Frederic Chopin
  • 2nd: Jessica Brandon “Juliet’s Waltz” by Charles Gounod
  • 3rd: Callie Cocomise “Nocturne in C minor” by Frederic Chopin


  • 1st Jude Flurry “Four Masters”
  • 2nd Jordan Saranga “The Vanishing Lake”
  • 3rd Alexa Turgeon “Slip Jig”

Graphic Arts

Category 1

  • 1st: Olivia Alvord “ACS Logo”
  • 2nd: Lauren Fraser “Bethany Hamilton”

Category 2

  • 1st: Reagan Anderson “Double Vision”
  • 2nd: Julia Goddard “Crane”
  • 3rd: Gavin Fraser “Meadows Snowboarding”


Category 1

  • 1st: Zoe Hilliker “My Short Career as a Stunt Man”
  • 2nd: Jordan Saranga “News Flash: Directions are Useful”
  • 3rd: Ashlynn McLain “A Book, An Adventure”

Category 2

  • 1st: Jessica Brandon “A Lesson from My Life”
  • 2nd: Alexa Turgeon “Narrow it Down”
  • 3rd: Aebra Hayes “The Never-Ending Stack”


Category 1

  • 1st: Melchiah Smythe “In Thought”
  • 2nd: Olivia Alvord “Not Cliché”
  • Honorable Mention: Erica Anderson “War Horse”
  • Honorable Mention: Lauren Fraser “Puppy Eyes”
  • Honorable Mention: Lauren Fraser: “Portland Gas and Coke Company”

Category 2

  • 1st: Julia Goddard “Sharpened”
  • 2nd: Reagan Anderson “Peaceful Outlook”
  • 3rd: Julia Goddard “Color”
  • Honorable Mention: Sarah Sliger “Purple Beauty”
  • Honorable Mention: Samantha Robson


Category 1

  • 1st: Tony McKee “Husky”
  • 2nd: Jay Goodearl “Self Portrait”
  • 3rd: Jordan Saranga “Golden Miura”
  • Honorable Mention: David Watts “Hot Air Balloons”

Category 2

  • 1st: Jessica Brandon “Thoughtful”
  • 2nd: Julia Goddard “Tornado Day”
  • 3rd: Julia Goddard “Captain America”
  • Honorable Mention: Jessica Brandon “Determined”

PYC Awards Night

Player of the session


  • Christina Smedley
  • Caleb Flory


  • Erica Amos
  • Daniel Cocomise

Campus Improvement

  • Leah Hyde
  • Daniel Chaney


  • Eleanor Clarke
  • Austin Ceglenski


  • Joseph Eames
  • Alexa Turgeon


  • Eva Hochstetler
  • Adam Paul

Flag Football

  • Warren Reinsch


  • Emma Wilson
  • Spencer Schultz


  • Jordan Saranga
  • Callie Cocomise


  • Elias Noe
  • Cami Eagle


  • Taylor Hamby
  • Vienna Flurry

Track and Field

  • Emma Wilson
  • Gavin Fraser


  • Leilani King


  • Tyrsa Gregory
  • Matthew Kawalek

Most improved over 2015 session

  • Andrea Figueroa
  • Christopher Stiles

Most improved from year to year

  • Krystal Yocum
  • Zane Pingree

Most enthusiastic camper

  • David Esquivel
  • Cami Eagle

Camper of the session

  • Emma Wilson (1G)
  • Lane Schultz (1B)
  • Callie Cocomise (2G)
  • Warren Reinsch (2B)
  • Ansley Welsh (3G)
  • Daniel Chaney (3B)
  • Eva Hochstetler (4G)
  • Daniel Cocomise (4B)
  • Emma Moore (5G)
  • Brett Roberts (5B)
  • Stephanie Szabo (6G)
  • Gavin Fraser (6B)

Dorms of the session

4G and 3B

July 28: Campers Depart

July 27: Awards Night

Family and friends gathered in the John Amos Field House gymnasium to celebrate another successful PYC session. Six campers gave speeches onstage. Mr. Turgeon and Mr. Burns awarded the Teen Talent Contest winners and the winners of the various individual PYC trophies. Dorms 3B and 4G won Dorm of the Session. The evening concluded with a commemorative video, then an ice cream treat for campers in the dining hall.

Young Titus Cocomise is full of energy, even after 10 p.m.

Throngs of family and friends fill the John Amos Field House gymnasium.

5G assistant counselor Panayiota Tolis finally makes a friend: Chloe Cocomise.

Marcus Cocomise is deeply unconscious.

My buds.

July 25: Men’s All Star Basketball

The workers beat the campers in a low-scoring affair.

Ohioan Austin Flory jacks up a shot during pregame warm-ups.

The worker team practices some slick moves before tip-off.

KPCG radio manager Dwight Falk and PYC speech instructor Ryan Malone offer their insight to listeners tuning in to the men’s all star game live broadcast.

Announcer Joel Hudson gets the crowd pumped up for the player introductions.

The worker team is poised for dominance.

Fans pack the stands for the first all star contest of PYC 2015.

The camper team slaps hands during player introductions.

PYC founder Gerald Flurry came out to watch his grandson Micah Turgeon play.

Camper team player-coach Steven Privratsky instructs his guys during a timeout.

Assistant director of operations Daniel Burns releases a three-point shot.

July 24: Flag Football with 5B and 6B

6B squeaked out an overtime victory, 21-14, ruining 5B’s bid for a perfect 4-0 flag football record.

5B concocts a trick offensive play in the huddle.

5B quarterback Caleb Flory uncorks a rocket.

5B quarterback Caleb Flory handles the snap and looks downfield.

5B receivers scramble to get open for quarterback Caleb Flory.

Brett Roberts holds the ball in place for kicker Isaiah Morrison.

5B tries and fails to block 6B camper Gavin Fraser’s extra point attempt.

6B’s Dustin Hochstetler says BOO!

The always-enthusiastic David Esquivel flashes a smile.

As I left the football field, I ran into 4B as it approached cycling instructors Nick Irwin and Sarah Kimes.

July 22: Kickball with 1G and 4G

Intense rains made the softball infield a muddy mess on July 21 and 22, so the softball instructors set up plastic bases in the outfield and officiated a playground favorite: kickball. 4G routed 1G in this particular contest.

Workers get a close-up view of some exciting kickball action.

4G camper Zoe Hilliker delivers her patented spin-ball pitch.

4G sets its defensive formation.

Dorm 3B looks on in envy during a break in their cycling class.

1G camper Amanda Hochstetler charges toward an incoming pitch.

July 21: Etiquette Night Behind the Scenes

Volunteer Whitney Kelsey arranges a table before dorms 3 and 5 arrive for Etiquette Night.

Volunteer Daniel Arnfield sets the dining room ablaze.

The wait staff and kitchen crew worked side by side all evening.

Two-year graduate Lindsy Eagle is glad she volunteered as a waitress.

The kitchen crew rapidly prepared 72 plates of food for each of the five courses.

Wait staff leader Harley Breth reads instructions to his wife Tonya.

The wait staff nibbles on a tasty salad in between pick-ups and deliveries to nine tables.

Staffers Abraham Blondeau and Daniel Arnfield enjoy the beef wellington main course in the freezer.

Delicious dessert brings smiles to everyone who made Etiquette Night possible.

Wait staff leader Harley Breth savors a sweet treat for a job well done.

July 19: Reagan and Erica Anderson (6B and 5G, respectively)

You’re welcome, Mr. Anderson.

July 17: Water Polo with 2B

Dorm 2B practices scooping the ball out of the water with one hand. As waterpolo instructor Kaleb Robson pointed out, only the goaltender can touch the ball with two hands at once.

Assistant counselor Adiel Granados has it made in the shade.

3B camper Micah Turgeon wishes he could cool off in the pool with 2B.

3B camper Elam Wilson gazes wistfully at the clear sparkling water while he pulls weeds on the pool’s perimeter.

Instructor Kaleb Robson displays impeccable ball control, much to the delight of 2B.

Photographer Reese Zoellner captures an overhead shot of camper Jordan Saranga, who has no idea what is happening above him.

My favorite part of attending non-softball classes: taking as many pictures of Reese as possible.

2B learns how to “dribble” while 3B puts in work in the background.

Big Reese frames 2B as they race the width of the pool and back.

Camper Azariah Garcia unleashes a missile on goal. Big Reese is on the scene.

July 16: Basketball with 3B and 5B

Dorms 3B and 5B clashed on the basketball court in their first game of PYC 2015. In the A-team game, 5B fended off a valiant 3B comeback to seize victory, 44-35. 5B made it a sweep with a dominant performance in the B-team game, winning by a score of 34-13.

Annnnnnnd here we go!

3B camper Micah Turgeon walks the ball up the court under the watchful eye of 5B’s Melchiah Smythe.

5B’s Wade Schellenberg and 3B’s Seth Smothers vie for the opening possession of the B-team game.

Third-time camper Micah Turgeon bricks a free throw.

Canadian Elam Wilson banks home a layup.

Photographer Reese Zoellner takes a group shot of 3B for the ‘True Education’ youth magazine.

July 15: 1B Camper Joseph Eames

By special request… Older sister Kaitlin Eames is proud.

July 14: Archery with 6B

Archery instructor James Brandon and assistant Justin Wainwright cover safety instructions and shooting tips before 6B heads out on the range.

First-time camper Seth Heckman knows the importance of staying hydrated on a scorching hot day.

Reagan Anderson, a.k.a. Legolas Jr., offers a quizzical expression.

Dorm 6B gives its attention to instructor James Brandon before another round of bullseyes.

Florida native Sam McCoy takes aim at an imaginary wildebeest.

July 14: Canoeing with 4B

Photographer Reese Zoellner observes canoeing instructor Roger Brandon’s presentation.

Instructor Roger Brandon comes to prove camper Daniel Cocomise with hard questions.

Assistant instructors Jessica Brandon (facing campers) and Rachel Culpepper demonstrate how to recover after falling overboard.

Assistants Jessica Brandon, Rachel Culpepper and Johnathan Mansour are happy workers.

Be warned: photographer Reese Zoellner will shoot back.

July 12: Softball with 1G and 6G

6G camper Sarah Woodard launches the ball to her target.

1G camper Emily Terry keeps her “Eyes on the Prize”: the softball.

Assistant softball instructors Ben Young and Kayla Taylor help 1G counselor Danielle Underwood (center) fill out her lineup.

6G camper Julia Goddard goes low to smack the softball.

1G camper Sarah Bruce shows fine form as she swings the bat.

Softball assistant Ben Young keeps score in the shade.

6G camper Viktoria Monsalve reaches for a high pitch.

July 11: Dance Night

2B camper Tim Sliger and 1B camper David Watts share a snack break in the John Amos Field House dining hall.

Tasty treats draw campers to the dining hall.

Workers serve needed refreshments to hungry campers.

Dance instructor Brent Nagtegaal encourages the young men to find dance partners.

2B counselor Tim Guenther and 4G counselor Jordy Rouzer know it’s time to bust a move.

3G camper Vienna Flurry does not approve of this photo.

4G camper Zoe Hilliker and 1B camper Zechariah Henderson practice the dip.

Micah Turgeon and Jordan Saranga get goofy.

Energetic dancers fill the John Amos Field House gymnasium floor.

Female workers perform the “Bornhoffen Boogie,” a popular routine at PYC Australia.

Dance instructor Brent Nagtegaal eliminates a duo from the freeze dance competition.

6B counselor Joel Hudson points a friendly finger to the camera.

Jubilant dorms line up to depart the dance floor.

July 11: Sabbath at Armstrong Auditorium

Campers, workers and Edmond members pack Armstrong Auditorium for Sabbath services.

4G camper Alexa Turgeon doesn’t understand why her brother wants a picture of her.

Audrey Locher, 6G camper Eleanor Clarke and 5B assistant counselor Zachary Bush converse after services.

4G campers Leilani King and Zoe Hilliker have become good friends in just three days.

4G camper Anna Mardian is surprised by the camera.

5B assistant counselor Zachary Bush (right) imparts his years of wisdom to a willing group of young campers.

Softball instructor Grant Turgeon poses with his fan club.

Girl campers peek over the balcony ledge.

July 9: Stick Night

A day of rigorous activities in the rain culminated with stick night. Hundreds of workers and campers introduced themselves and stated their goals for this year’s camp session. Speech instructor Ryan Malone helped calm everyone’s nerves from the start, when he joked, “I’m soooo nervous!”

Dorm 1G files in to the John Amos Field House gymnasium just before stick night begins.

Workers scan the crowd before director Wayne Turgeon takes the microphone.

Everyone seems to want footage of the Turgeons.

Cameraman Joshua Sloan films the Turgeons for an end-of-PYC tribute video.

“Stroke, feather! Stroke, feather! Swamp; HELP!” Canoeing instructor Roger Brandon and his assistants introduce themselves.

Soccer instructor Anthony Chibarirwe explains the difference between American football and the world’s favorite game.

July 9: Campus Improvement with 5B

5B counselor Michael Cocomise divides his dorm into two groups of super-weeders.

Landscaping supervisor Carl Hilliker demonstrates how to root out an unwanted weed.

5B campers Matthew Barreiro and Isaiah Morrison eradicate pesky undergrowth in front of Imperial Academy.

Landscaper Evan Fraser looks on as photographer Reese Zoellner snaps a photo of Michael Cocomise for an upcoming PYC edition of the True Education youth magazine.

Landscaper David Warner’s weeding tool of choice: a machete.

July 8: PYC Orientation Lecture

Brett Roberts searches for a seat before PYC orientation in the Barbara Flurry Memorial Hall.

Director Wayne Turgeon emphasizes a point during his orientation about future vision.

July 8: Camper Arrivals

A sign at the John Amos Field House admonishes campers to keep their “Eyes on the Prize.”

PYC director Wayne Turgeon and a happy crew await the arrival of 144 campers.

6B counselor Joel Hudson meets one of his campers, Austin Flory, for the first time.

A throng of anxious campers congregates under the awning.

6B counselor Joel Hudson chats with 4B camper Gabe Greaser.

Mr. Turgeon and staff prepare to give a warm welcome to incoming campers.

Elias Noe, Micah Turgeon and Warren Reinsch discuss important matters in the John Amos Field House hallway.