#PCGers Around the Globe Reacting to the New KPCG
Feedback from members in eight countries

EDMOND—The Philadelphia Church of God launched its own low-powered, non-commercial radio station on May 5. kpcg-lp 101.3 FM reaches approximately 60,000 people locally and is available worldwide on the Internet at KPCG.fm. Here’s what pcg members have to say about the launch.

Stephen Flurry (@StephenFlurry) “Small beginnings! KPCG.fm” (photo of his broadcast microphone)

May 5 | Edstone

David Wright (@DavidKWright) “KPCG.fm is AWESOME. Many, many thanks.”

May 5 | Australia

Emily Burns (@emilyjaneb10) “I just heard myself on the RADIO in my car! #KPCG”

May 5 | Edmond

Edwin Trebels (@etrebels) “Wow. Just recorded my first KPCG.fm radio underwriting announcement with help from @purplemozart. Tricky, but so neat” (Trebels tweets a picture of his script)

May 5 | Edmond

Joel Hilliker (@Joel_Hilliker) “Here we go! KPCG.fm”

May 5 | Edmond

Anita Barkei (@anitabarkei) “Currently listening to KPCG.fm”

May 5 | New Jersey

Gabrielle Schlote (@elle_schlote) “Introducing KPCG!”

May 5 | Canada

Kurtis Simmons (@bisoneater) “@PCG_News KPCG.fm sounding great!”

May 5 | Kansas

Janet Dattolo (@JanetDattolo) “Wow, it’s on! Listening to KPCG.fm right now from Canada!”

May 5 | Canada

Michelle van der Leeuw (website comment) “So excited to be streaming KPCG.fm live here in George, South Africa!! What an awesome way to be raising up the ruins.”

May 5 | South Africa

Deepika Azariah (@DeepikaAzariah) “That amazing feeling when you listen to KPCG.fm in your car on your way to class =)”

May 5 | Edmond

Prince Azariah (@princeazariah) “So blessed and relaxing to be able to listen to KPCG.fm from 8,621 miles away in Bombay, India.”

May 6 | India

Iain Harper (@harperspcg_iain) “Enjoying KPCG.fm streaming online. Fantastic!!”

May 6 | Florida

Whitney Kelsey (@wdawn88): “Just received my first call from new subscriber who heard about the Trumpet on KPCG.fm! So exciting! #smallbeginnings #growth”

May 7 | Edmond

Bridget Johnson (website comment) “Wow, I’m listening to KPCG online as I type. How wonderful it is to have a fine radio station to listen to classical and other music on. Thank you to our Father who has blessed His Church with this station. And thank you to all those who worked to get it up and running. Wonderful! :D”

May 7 | Tennessee

Luis Valverde (website comment) “From Costa Rica I can hear all the programs. It is phenomenal to have [our] own radio station. This is great. … Thank you so much.” (originally in Spanish)

May 16 | Costa Rica

Odinga Seedo (@OdingaS) “All the way in Suriname from Edmond http://kpcg.fm/live radio …”

May 31 | Suriname