Isaiah Musical Debuts January 1
‘The Book of Isaiah’ debuts with 100-member cast and largest set yet.

EDMOND—After thousands of combined hours of practice, 100 cast members took the stage of Armstrong Auditorium on January 1 for the debut performance of The Book of Isaiah. The musical is the third such production by Philadelphia Church of God music director Ryan Malone.

The Book of Isaiah is set in the seventh-century reign of King Hezekiah of Judah during the lifetime of the Prophet Isaiah and conveys Isaiah’s poetic biblical history of the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem through singing and Irish step-dancing.

The musical included students and faculty from Herbert W. Armstrong College, Imperial Academy and the Muggivan School of Irish dance and used the biggest props on Armstrong Auditorium’s stage to date. The auditorium also presented David—The Endless Throne Begins at the end of 2013 and Jeremiah—A Musical and Step-Dancing Extravaganza at the end of 2012. Both were also original works.

Mr. Malone announced the Isaiah musical on Feb. 7, 2014, and completed writing the music for it by May 13. The orchestra parts for the musical score finished recording in November.

In the week leading up to the premiere, the dozens of cast members and crew each put in 18 hours of practice, including long days on Sunday and Wednesday, particularly for Mr. Malone, who plays the title role; his wife, Paula, who plays Isaiah’s wife; pcg minister Joel Hilliker, who plays the role of the Assyrian King Sennacherib and Mark Jenkins, who plays King Hezekiah.

About 250 people streamed the performance live online from 18 countries, including Colombia, New Zealand, France, Kenya and South Africa.

The musical plays again on January 3 (7:30 p.m., cst) and January 4 (2:00 p.m., cst) and will be live-streamed at