AC Students and Faculty Share First Etiquette Dinner
Over 100 students and faculty experience off-campus etiquette dinner

EDMOND—One hundred thirteen students and faculty filled the Grand Ballroom of the Skirvin Hilton Hotel on the evening of December 8 for the first Herbert W. Armstrong off-campus etiquette night. The event also served as the mid-season ladies’ night for the college’s Armstrong Club.

Armstrong International Cultural Foundation marketing director Shane Granger organized the event and delivered etiquette instruction over the course of the evening. Waiters and waitresses delivered a three-course meal to attendees, including sorbet between courses to “cleanse the palate,” while AC club president and senior Anthony Chibarirwe opened the spokesman portion of the evening.

Senior Benjamin Young led the tabletopics session, harvesting audience response on lessons learned this semester, how to convince a 16-year-old boy with terrible manners to appreciate etiquette, and scriptural proof that God didn’t break His covenant with King David.

Sophomore Daniel Westerbaan delivered the first speech of the evening, a “get the facts” speech with five ways to show appreciation—kind words, acts of service, quality time, tangible gifts, and hugs and high fives. Junior Michael Cocomise followed with a humorous “add color” speech about etiquette on the golf course, and five-year student Jessie Hester captivated the audience with an “inspire” speech recounting the fictional life of an unloved girl taken in by a king and trained in the way of royalty.

“We may be nobodies by birth, but in due time, God is transforming us into His gorgeous, resplendent queen,” Hester said. “That’s what I wanted the audience to take away from my speech.”

The evening concluded with a photo of the student body on the Skirvin steps before they loaded into vehicles and traveled back to campus.