Call Center Adds Another Operator
Whitney Kelsey helps expand order-taking capacity.

EDMOND—The Philadelphia Church of God call center received additional help with the hiring of Edmond member Whitney Kelsey on October 20, who joined the team of operators fielding calls to the Key of David program and literature request line, and processing literature requests that come in via mail.

After graduating Herbert W. Armstrong College in 2011, Kelsey worked for three years at an insurance firm, and then a local university. She received the job offer on September 19.

“When I arrived at work and checked my e-mails, I saw an e-mail from Mr. Locher,” Kelsey said. “The subject line read ‘Job.’ I’m pretty sure my heart actually skipped a beat.”

During her four years as an AC student, Kelsey worked in the food services, Imperial Academy, mail processing and custodial departments. She also worked as a teacher’s assistant for dean of students Stephen Flurry and as a costume assistant for the Young Ambassadors. Kelsey served in the call center during her senior year and for a few weeks after graduating.

“Response in the call center has been climbing over the past several years, especially on the literature request line,” call center manager Harley Breth said. “To meet those growing demands, we desired to have a long-term, full-time operator we could train for the literature request line. We wanted someone with experience. That’s where Whitney comes in.”

Kelsey says one of her favorite parts of the job is processing mail requests that come in from subscribers. “It is great to read of their appreciation, and sometimes they say the funniest things,” she said.

Kelsey said one of the most inspiring calls she received was from a lady who recently discovered the Trumpet and had read a couple of the Church’s booklets.

“She gushed about how amazing it was to find so much truth in one location,” Kelsey said. “She was sincerely excited and appreciative that we provided free literature.”

Kelsey answers calls and processes requests Tuesday through Friday and on The Key of David ’s biggest day, Sunday.

“I am happy to still be in contact with people from the world, because working in the world for the past three years has been a reminder of why we do the work in the first place,” Kelsey said. “Serving people from the world directly will help me not to forget that.”