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Empty Concert Stage
Swan Lake, AICF, Armstrong International Cultural Foundation 16x9
20 Years of Concerts at Armstrong Auditorium 16x9
AICF Bach Collegium Japan 16x9
AICF Vienna Boys Choir, celebratory shot 16x9
Time for three, instrumentalists
More than 150 attend event prior to Time for Three concert
Series to Showcase the Best Mr. Jenkins conducting the orchestra
This performing arts series proves that man has incredible potential.
Shane Granger at the Rotary Club OKC representing Armstrong Auditorium 16x9
Director Shane Granger speaks to local service clubs.
IsaiahHezekiah Exhibit Grand Opening viewing artifacts, Armstrong Auditorium, June 10
Opening events include speeches from Member of the Knesset Michael Oren, archaeologist Eilat Mazar, and Armstrong International Cultural Foundation chairman Gerald Flurry
Auditorium Nightshoot Norm.jpg
Old rusty shovel in sand on building.
The partnership between a religious leader and an archaeologist—and its value to young people
Armstrong Auditorium Sunset Sundown Swans in Flight
New 2017–2018 season at Armstrong Auditorium includes 10 performances.
Phillips Lecture 1 16 by 9
British journalist speaks to hundreds about Arab-Israel impasse.
AICF Israel Forum Image 16 by 9
Consul General of Israel to the Southwest U.S. focuses on Israeli security situation.
AICF Jerusalem Quartet Image 16 by 9
Israel theme includes forum, reception and concert.
Irish Tenors Armstrong Auditorium
Armstrong guests hear the ‘Voices of Ireland.’
AICF Don Quixote 1 Philadelphia Church of God.jpg
Ballet company performs Spanish-themed ballet two nights in a row
20161228_Widow's Might Dress Rehearsal-8101080.jpg
Musical based on biblical heroine premieres at Armstrong Auditorium.
20170112_Wu Man, Pipa and Shanghai String Quartet-8102268.jpg
Oklahomans experience “A Night in Ancient and New China.”
20161201_Turtle Island String Quartet-8109617.jpg
Quintessential chamber jazz group plays for hundreds.
20161110_Voice Meets Cello Concert-8109152_16x9.jpg
Oklahoma artists team up for foundation concert series.
_7502689_16x9_Philadelphia Church of God.jpg
Canadian dance troupe rehearses, records for three days before Armstrong show
AICF Granger Trebels Oklahoma Conference on Tourism
Armstrong International Cultural Foundation’s Shane Granger and Edwin Trebels connect with other professionals.
AICF Turkish Dinner 16x5
Event promotes understanding and cooperation among cultures
Edwin Trebels OKC Social 16x9 corrected
Armstrong International Cultural Foundation’s Edwin Trebels delivers presentation on igniting change.