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Gerald Flurry
Man sitting under The Milky Way Galaxy with light on his hands.
Italian landscape
Excerpt from The True History of God’s True Church
Excerpt From The True History of God’s True Church
Footprints on the sandy beach
210129-David-YES.6.3.3.n - nov 2020 update.jpg
God used a powerful tool to expand David’s perspective. Follow this kingly example!
Herbert W. Armstrong art
Excerpt taken from The God Family Vision, Chapter 6, “God’s Covenant With Levi”
The White House
Armstrong Auditorium at Sunset
Arched Milky Way, woman and mountains at night. Silhouette of standing girl on the mountain peak, mountains in low clouds and starry sky in Nepal. Space landscape with bright milky way arch. Travel
God wants you to have a glow in your life that will last forever!
150 year old Bible with a sword
Two ancient kings witnessed God’s conquering power—power you can employ each day!
Jerusalem old city sunset night aerial view
No other city has such a special place in God’s mind.
20200705_Celtic Throne-_8507167.jpg
God is filling His house with glory!
testing of atomic bomb over ocean with mushroom clouds - red destroy
Knowledge concept, pen in the inkwell on a pile of red books
A foundational lesson we must learn in order to build up the throne of David
As far-reaching as this man’s foresight was, he lacked a dimension that you possess!
A man sitting on wooden chair praying to God with blurred open bible on wooden table foreground, trust concept
Here is a book to help you answer the most important question: Who and what is God?
200424-Autobiography images-82.jpg
Concerned the world is about to end? Study, prove and believe these pivotal prophecies!
God’s expectations for His Church have changed since He gave us the throne of David. Here are four important ways.
What the Apostle Paul’s masterful prophetic epistle teaches us about the throne Jesus Christ is about to inherit
Hands praying over american flag
The Prophet Amos gives some alarming prophecies that explain current calamities, but he also explains how to break through to God.
Climber in Mount Everest,Himalayan
God has called you to the greatest adventure in the history of man!
field, sun rise and blue sky
Glowing sunrise shines over mountain range, magical star shape ray from the sun with lens flare. Exploration, inspiration concept.
There is no more inspiring truth in the Bible!
The original members of the Philadelphia Church of God