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If you have ever been associated with the Worldwide Church of God or one of its offshoots, I ask you to prayerfully read this letter.
Abraham Lincoln delivering Gettysburg Address
Gino on excavation
Jesus Light
Get grounded in this basic, deeply inspiring subject!
Closeup of groom placing a wedding ring on the brides hand.  Couple exchanging wedding rings during a wedding ceremony outdoors.
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View to Jerusalem old city. Israel
The origin of this Feast is far more important than the event itself!
Rear view of lonely man looking with hope at horizon with sunlight during sunset with effect of light at the end of tunnel
Man sitting under The Milky Way Galaxy with light on his hands.
God’s angels have lived for millions of years with stunning power and without sin. How could mortal men exceed them?
The United States capitol building in Washington DC on a summer day.
Be honest: Political parties offer only dead hope. You need better!
Bible on a old oak wooden table. Beautiful dark background. Religion concept
Close up image of crowded people walking on busy street in Istanbul, Turkey
Entrance Sign
Police units respond on scene.
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It’s a booming business, and it is bringing our nation down—one click at a time.
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The beginning of our civilization holds the key to solving our deadly problems today. Yet it is a mystery to the world.
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Rear view of lonely man looking with hope at horizon with sunlight during sunset with effect of light at the end of tunnel
Mystery of the Ages
Unlock life’s mysteries.
RV201905 Royal Vision GRF Purpose of our Calling
From the May-June 2019 Royal Vision
Herbert W. Armstrong College entrance
Rays of sunlight shine on the busy people walking across an intersection in Midtown Manhattan in New York City NYC
You can’t conquer your enemy if you don’t even know him.
Couple sitting at the Green River Overview looking down into the valley carved by the Colorado and Green River. Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA
Are you deceiving yourself, and how can you know?
Engraving from 1868 showing the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus and the disciples spent the night before the crucifixion.
The Apostle John recorded Christ’s inspiring final prayer to His Father before He was sacrificed. Study this prayer, and you will understand God’s love as never before!
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